Three Houston TX Restaurants That Will Make A Great Impression

The 4th most populous city in the United States has 7,269 restaurants and counting. The city is Houston TX, and H-TOWN is definitely a fun place to spend some time. Knowing some of the best places for dining out in this city will be beneficial to your visit and overall experience. It sure beats driving around Houston trying to find out where to go. Here are three of the best restaurants in Houston TX.

Over on Katy Freeway is a place that will give you a taste of Texas. It’s actually called Taste of Texas, too. Order up a steak, baked potato and a slice of pecan pie. Or perhaps you would rather have prime rib. Plus, Taste of Texas has a delicious cinnamon coffee. This establishment also has a great salad bar.

In Houston is a place called Caracol Coastal Mexican, and it is on Post Oak Boulevard. This isn’t your typical Tex Mex fare, but it is a unique and special place to have a bite to eat. Be sure and get your Tex Mex, too, but you should give Caracol Coastal Mexican a try. Striped bass, Spanish octopus and taquitos are three of the menu highlights. Oyster shooters and chocolate balls are also top choices.

Ninfa’s on Navigation is a small Mexican restaurant on Navigation Boulevard that has really made a name for itself in Houston. It is a very modest looking place, but you know that means the food is superb and the service great, too. Plus, don’t you like those hidden gems? You don’t have to eat in downtown Houston to have the best meal, and all three of these restaurants prove it. So as you travel around H-TOWN, consider having a unique dining experience at one of these top three establishments in Houston TX.